Vision Statement

The Templeton Honors College at Eastern University is the place where promising young Christian thinkers and leaders go to prepare for a life of leadership and service.

Graduates of the Templeton Honors College significantly contribute to the world around them through demonstrated excellence in and lifelong pursuit of the following characteristics:

Are THC students separate from the other students at Eastern?

No, the Honors College seeks to integrate students into the classes and activities at Eastern. A member of the THC will spend a good deal of time with other honors students, but will also live and interact with the community at large.


Ability to read and think critically; Integration of knowledge, action and reflection.


Ethical and moral reasoning and decision-making; Empathy; Generosity.


Pursuit of Christ through habitual practice of Christian disciplines; Concern for justice.

Leadership & Service

Active participation within organizations, institutions, communities, and society as informed and responsible citizens and leaders.


Ability to think and work creatively; Well-developed aesthetic sensibilities.


Effective spoken and written communication; Listening skills; the ability to dialog and debate.

Vocational Skills

Ability to contribute effectively in their chosen field.

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Christian Formation

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