If I am a member of the THC, will I have time for sports or other activities?

The Templeton Honors College has a number of athletes in the cohorts and students involved in numerous other campus activities. The workload is not geared to be more time intensive but more intensely focused.

The Templeton Honors College extends our students beyond the walls of the St. Davids Campus. Students take part in numerous opportunities to expand their horizons.

These opportunities include:

Study Abroad

THC students will spend the first semester of their senior year abroad in an approved program of their choice.

Visiting Lectures

Including lectures from Templeton Prize Recipients and Metanexus Senior Fellows.

Winter Tea at the Templeton House

Each February, the Templetons graciously open their home and host a Sunday afternoon tea for the entire honors college.

Alliance Defense Fund Banquet

Interested students may be sponsored to attend.

Trips to the Kimmel Center

Each year, Peter Benoliel, a member of the THC Advisory Council, purchases a number of tickets to the orchestra for the enjoyment of honors college students.

National Leadership Conferences

Students interested in attending these conferences may be sponsored by the THC.

Class Mock Trials and DebatesClass Mock Trials and Debates
Student Fund Raising Events

In 2006 this took the form of a Jeopardy Event. The opportunities are as broad as the creativity and willingness of the THC student body.

Freshmen and Senior Banquets at Merion Cricket Club

First Year and Senior Banquets at Merion Cricket Club and the Union League.

Trips to the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Movie Nights

At least once a semester, the students are all invited to the Dean’s home to watch a film and spend the evening together.

Camping Trip

The incoming freshman cohort is taken on a five day wilderness retreat where they are challenged, encouraged, and given the chance to bond as a class.

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