Dr. RJ Snell

Associate Professor of Philosophy

(610) 225-5049


  • Ph.D., Marquette University: Philosophy
  • M.A., Boston College: Philosophy
  • BSc., Liberty University: Rhetorical Theory and Communications

Dr. Snell directs the philosophy program and is the co-director of the Agora Institute. He is the author of the book “Through a Glass Darkly: Bernard Lonergan and Richard Rorty on Knowing without a God’s Eye View“.

Currently Dr. Snell is writing on sloth, when he can find the gumption to do so, on the epistemology and agency of love, and on the notion of objectivity in natural law theory..

Dr. Snell is married to his wife Amy, and has three young children. He is also a Canadian who believes that cold weather builds character.

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